Our new store is now open for business, we will be selling our on products along side the long list of venders we have as well, so you will be able to see what we use on our own cars, and then purchase them!  If you do not see your vehicle offered, shoot us a call or email, and we will get you whatever you need! So head over to our Store now, and any feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Hours of Operation 

Mon. 9AM-5PM   Tues. 9AM-5PM   Wen. 9AM-5PM   Thur. 9AM-5PM   Fri. 9AM-5PM   Sat. Closed   Sun. Closed



Call to schedule  - (724) 980-8166

        We are an all-in-one high performance Speed Shop, including products and in house fabrication. We can do anything from your daily driven vehicle to your weekend street car or all out race car. We put our efforts into quality, as we are a small team that enjoys and loves what they do, and as such we put everything we have into each product!